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Toyota Tacoma TRD Full Skid Plate Kit (5 Pcs)

Toyota Tacoma TRD Skid Plate Kit (5 Pcs)

 Lexus LX 470 Skid Plate Kit (4 Pcs)

Toyota Land Cruiser 100 / LX 470 Skid Plate (4 Pcs)

Toyota Land Cruiser 80 Full Underbody Armor (3 Pcs)

  • Manufactured from first-rate laser-cut 1/4" aluminum
  • ‌‌Vehicle specific design
  • ‌Optimal coverage with minimum clearance loss.
  • Direct mounting to vehicle's chassis. Supported by zinc-coated steel brackets
  • ‌Designed with ventilation hatches and drain holes where required.
  • ‌Easy Bolt-On installation. No drilling is required.
  • ‌The package includes all needed hardware.
  • ‌Total weight 20 kg (44 lbs).
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Land Cruiser 1991-1997
Automatic Automatic
Gasoline Gasoline
4 doors 4 doors

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Toyota Land Cruiser 80 Full Underbody Armor (3 Pcs)
Toyota Land Cruiser 80 Full Underbody Armor (3 Pcs)

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$846 Total:

    • The Toyota Land Cruiser 80 Full Underbody Armor (3 Pcs) contains a Transfer Case skid plate (534265), Engine skid plate (534255), and Gearbox skid plate (534260).
    • Manufactured from high-quality laser-cut 1/4" aluminum, providing the optimal balance between strength and weight.
    • ‌Cleverly engineered to provide optimal protection to  ‌vulnerable under-vehicle components.
    • ‌‌Designed specifically to complement the Land Cruiser 80's structure, and minimize clearance loss.
    • ‌Built with stiffening and reinforcing ribs to provide even greater strength where needed.
    • ‌‌Directly bolted onto the vehicle's chassis and supported by zinc-coated steel brackets to ensure maximum durability.
    • ‌Designed with ventilation openings to reduce heat build-up alongside drain holes to assure easy removal of pebbles, dirt, or water that may get caught between the skid and the vehicle while offroading.
    • ‌No cutting or drilling is required. Completely bolt-on.
    • ‌The package includes all the needed hardware.
    • ‌Weighs in at 20 kg (44 lbs).
    • ‌‌‌Proudly made in Israel.
    • All of our Skid-Plates are 100% DIY installation and do not interfere with vehicle maintenance.
    • Mounted to original OEM bolt points. No drilling, cutting, or welding is required.
    • Includes all mounting hardware.
    • Supplied with a detailed bill of materials drawing and a sketch to help as a mounting guide.
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