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Buy מיגון גיר from ₪650

Toyota Land Cruiser 150/155 / 4Runner / FJ Cruiser Gearbox Skid Plate

Buy מיגון גחון from ₪1050

Toyota Land Cruiser 120/125 / 4Runner / FJ Cruiser / Lexus GX 470 Front Skid Plate | Non-KDSS

Toyota 4Runner / FJ Cruiser / GX460 Exhaust Skid Plate

  • Manufactured from first-rate laser-cut 1/4"" aluminum
  • ‌‌Vehicle specific design
  • ‌Optimal protection with minimum added weight.
  • Direct mounting to vehicle's chassis. Supported by zinc-coated steel brackets
  • ‌Designed with air vents and drain holes where required.
  • ‌Easy Bolt-On installation. No drilling required.
  • ‌Includes all needed assembly hardware.
  • ‌Total weight 2.2 kg (5 lbs).
More Information
4Runner 2010-2023
Automatic Automatic
Gasoline Gasoline
FJ Cruiser 2010-2014
Automatic Automatic
Gasoline Gasoline
GX 2011-2023
Automatic Automatic
Gasoline Gasoline
4Runner 2003-2009
Automatic Automatic
Gasoline Gasoline

* Couldn’t find the exact match for your vehicle? Contact us for further fitment information.

* Unless otherwise stated, all products developed on stock, European standard, left-hand drive vehicles

  • For Lexus GX460 fits perfectly on a petrol 4.6L V8 model.
  • The Toyota 4Runner / FJ Cruiser / Lexus GX460 Exhaust Skid Plate is constructed using high-quality laser-cut 1/4" aluminum, providing an optimal strength to weight ratio.
  • Cleverly engineered to provide optimal protection to the exhaust. Recommended using as a part of Asfir's Toyota Fj Cruiser complete underbody protection set.
  • ‌‌Designed specifically to complement the FJ Cruiser's structure, minimize clearance loss.
  • ‌Constructed with stiffening and reinforcing ribs to provide even greater strength where required.
  • ‌‌Directly bolted onto the vehicle's chassis and supported by zinc-coated steel brackets to ensure maximum durability.
  • ‌Designed with air vents to reduce heat build-up alongside drain holes to assure easy removal of pebbles, dirt, or water that may get caught between the skid and the vehicle while offroading.
  • ‌Easy Bolt-On installation with no drilling or cutting required.
  • ‌The package includes all needed hardware.
  • ‌Weighs in at 2.2 kg (5 lb).
  • ‌‌‌Proudly made in Israel.
  • All of our Skid-Plates are 100% DIY installation and do not interfere with vehicle maintenance.
  • Mounted to original OEM bolt-points. No drilling, cutting, or welding required.
  • Includes all mounting hardware.
  • Supplied with a detailed bill of materials drawing and a sketch to help as a mounting guide.
  • All shipments are sent via airfreight from Israel.

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