A Subaru Crosstrek's Hawaiian Adventure

Amidst the abundance of Toyotas traversing the Hawaiian island chain, it’s indisputable that off-roading ranks high among the popular activities. And while Jeeps and other 4x4 vehicles commonly navigate Hawaii’s trails, Subaru is making its mark. I'm Joe Alejandro, from Oahu, Hawaii, and I represent a new breed of off-roading in my Magnetite Grey Metallic 2021 Subaru Crosstrek Sport.

front of a Subaru crosstrek xv

Octuborjoe's Subaru Crosstrek Flexin. Conquering any terrain

Elevating the Crosstrek's Performance

With a factory 8.7” ground clearance, the Crosstrek boasts a 2.5L boxer engine with 182hp and 176 lb/ft of torque, matched with a formidable symmetrical all-wheel-drive system that competes well within its class. Notable enhancements that I installed include an Ironman 4x4 ATS Spec-C suspension lift, Anderson Design Fabrication strut top spacers, and 30x9.5x15 Yokohama Geolandar M/T G003 mud terrain tires mounted on 15x7 +15 Method Racing MRW701 Bead Grip wheels. These upgrades increased the ground clearance by 4.5”, allowing for enhanced trail performance.

A Closer Look at Off-Road Accessories

Externally, the Crosstrek features a Full Force Metalworks hybrid front winch bumper, protective rock sliders, and a Dirt Complex Trail Swing carrying a full-size spare wheel. Additionally, a Front Runner Outfitter Slimsport roof rack provides extra storage for trail essentials, accompanied by a mix of Diode Dynamics, Rigidhorse, and R4T off-road lights for heightened visibility.

Though lacking a low-speed, dual-range transfer case, the Crosstrek Sport compensates with its X-Mode traction control system. I reinforced it even further by fitting a TORQ Masters rear diff locker for tougher obstacles. These adaptations have enabled me to attack previously inaccessible areas. Dissatisfied with previous skid plates hindering performance, I shifted to ASFIR 4x4 skid plates from Israel. Renowned for their quality and robust ¼” aluminum construction, it was a definite game-changer for my Crosstrek. A meticulously designed engine skid plate was first ordered. I was impressed with its superior approach angle, protected engine sides, and cooling vents.

back side of an subaru xv

Taillight side of this legend XV. Bunch of modifications

The ease of installation via factory mounting points, without the need for drilling or extensive modifications, marked another advantage which enabled me to replace my remaining skid plates with ASFIR 4x4’s full underbody protection kit for my Subaru Crosstrek . Ground clearance improvements in crucial areas, such as the transmission sump, were notable, while the transmission skid plate’s cooling holes facilitated stable transmission fluid temperatures; a feature most skid plates do not have.

The ASFIR 4x4 Skid Plate Experience

On rough trails, the ASFIR 4x4 skid plates showcased outstanding resilience. Despite challenging encounters, from landing heavily on ruts to navigating muddy crossings and accidental rock impacts, these plates maintained my Crosstrek’s critical components intact, serving their protective role exceptionally well.

Full underbody protection

Asfir's full underbody skid plate armor. Ultra light-weight

The comprehensive underbody protection offered by ASFIR 4x4’s full range of skid plates has solidified my confidence in taking my Crosstrek to new extremes on the trails. These robust skid plates not only empower me to explore further but also assure the safeguarding of crucial vehicle components. With their proven resilience and meticulous design, ASFIR 4x4 skid plates have become an integral part of ensuring my Crosstrek’s durability and allowing me to push its limits with peace of mind.

Article written by Joe Alejandro
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