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Terms & Conditions

These Terms and Conditions govern the supply of goods sold by Asfir Technologies Ltd, Sagie 2000 I.Z Migdal Haemek 2310001 Israel to the customer named on the order form.

Intellectual Property

The information published on the site and its editing are owned by Asfir alone. All information and data on this website is the exclusive property of Asfir, whether published by Asfir or whether by any third party. This does not impose any liability on Asfirs' limitation of liability as described in below. It is absolutely forbidden to copy, publish, or make any use of any or all of the information, which is not expressly permitted in these terms of use without the explicit, prior written consent of Asfir.

The trademarks appearing on the website are all the exclusive possession of Asfir or third parties. Consequently, any unauthorized use of trademarks stated is prohibited unless prior written approval was received from Asfir and/or third parties who own the relevant trademark. The site and the information contained therein are protected by the copyright laws of the State of Israel and/or international treaties and/or the copyright laws of other countries.

Advertising and Connectivity

Asfir is not in any way responsible for the content of advertisements that appear on the site. The display of advertising on the site does not indicate Asfirs support and/or responsibility and/or liability relating to the content appearing in this publication, the product/service advertised, quality, accuracy and/or precision. Referrals referencing a Web site other than the site ("external site"), do not mean that Asfir is responsible and/or controls the content of the external site, and Asfir is not liable in any matters related to external sites.

The user is not permitted to create links to web pages and/or copy parts and/or materials from the site. Generally, you may not use any of the site's databases. If the surfer breaches the above said he will be prevented from using Asfirs Site and/or services without having any complaint about it.

Forums & Chats

Participation in forums and chatrooms services is subject to affirmative proper and dignified language and avoiding disruption to other customers and Asfir services. All users and responders in these services do so at their own responsibility and Asfir is not liable for the content of the comments. Asfir reserves the right to stop providing services at any time in general and/or to a particular surfer, at its own discretion.


The information published on the site is not intended to, nor shall be construed as advice on the feasibility of performing or refraining from carrying out a transaction and/or action.

Site use disorder

Surfer undertakes to indemnify Asfir and/or its representatives as soon as the first demand is made, for any acts or omissions prohibited, including but not limited to: a. Unlawful penetration to materials and/or computer files and/or deliberately infecting computers with viruses transmitted to other computers and/or disruption to other computers. B. Use that may cause damage or disturbance and/or preventing the use of website services by others and/or may damage other property rights and others, or behavior contrary to accepted practice on the Internet, including harassment, threats, slander, humiliation, breach of privacy, and so on it. C. For any liability, claims, damages and/or loss (including legal expenses) arising as a result of the use, misuse and/or incorrect, interruption and/or failure and/or any action prohibited by Computers Law, 1995, the Privacy Protection Act, 1981, the Defamation Law, - 1965 Commercial Torts Law - 1999, the Torts Ordinance - 1968 and/or under law and/or conditions of use, the site and/or through the information, content and/or services provided therein.

Use of Information and Protection of Privacy

User hereby agrees that Asfir can perform computerized supervision of his use of the site in any way and will use any such information for the purpose of monitoring and/or developing and/or maintaining the quality of services on-site, and/or for the purpose of complying with the provisions of the law. Without detracting from the above, Asfir may:

  1. Make use of the user's information to collect money owed to Asfir from the user for services, provided that the information transferred to a third party, the third-party has undertaken to keep confidential all information delivered to him in connection with the user.

  2. Disclose user information to another or others in accordance with provisions of the law.

  3. To use the user information and other information related to the user, which exists in Asfir.

Online Store

This Asfir site is located on the Internet and among other things operates and manages an online store surfing public network (the "Site").

  1. A "Transaction" as defined in these regulations is - any act of purchase of goods and/or services offered on the Site and/or any action which the customer is invited to perform, which does not require purchasing (such as customer club registration).
    A "Surfer" on this site is a user that uses the Internet and reaches the site, is exposed to its content, and/or performs or carries out activities on the site.

  2. Purchase through the Site is subject to these regulations. Each surfer performing activities on the Site declares that he has read and understood the Terms and that he or his representatives will not have any claim and/or lawsuit against the owners and/or operators and/or their representatives because of actions committed or use made of the site unless the site's owners and/or operators have breached their commitments according to these regulations.

  3. A Surfer who is offered to join the website's members club or other services it offers is required to agree to the special conditions of the service.

The Site will be offering two purchase options; to purchase without registering, and the second to purchase with the opening of a user account which will be asked for more details.

  1. Site operations will be carried out only by a user who owns a valid PayPal account.

  2. Asfir reserves the right to change these policies at its sole discretion

  3. Supply of products and/or services will be conducted under the provisions of these regulations below.

Ordering products

  1. Asfir's site offers a wide range of products (the "Products"). It is not necessarily shown that each product can be purchased on-site so Asfir shall have no obligation to sell any product advertised on the site if not expressly stated next to the relevant product.

  2. In order for Asfir to receive the surfer's offer to purchase a product (the "order"), it is important that ordered products will be in stock. Although Asfir does its best for all products to be in stock, sometimes, products are not in stock. If the product is missing, an appropriate message will be sent via e-mail. In this case, Asfir reserves the right to offer, if it is possible, an alternative product with a similar character and price. If the user receives the proposal, re-order information will be updated. If the user refuses, Asfir will delete the order and avoid credit card charges. 

How to place an order:

  1. After the order is accepted the surfer will receive a notification that the order has been received. This message does not require Asfir to deliver the products ordered but only indicates that the details of the order have been accepted by the system.

  2. Only after checking the credit card information of the user and approval by PayPal to make the purchase, surfer proposal will be considered feasible and start all processes in the supply of ordered products, provided they are in stock.

  3. Should there be a disruption and/or error in the description of the product and/or service, their photograph, description, price, or any other details, Asfir may cancel the purchase and the user will not be charged any fee for the canceled order.

  4. If at the time of ordering the user will provide wrong identification details, Asfir can not guarantee the products will reach the surfer. In case the products are returned to Asfir because of incorrect information provided by the user, postage and handling fees will be applied to the surfer. Therefore, the user must verify and fill in accurate and current information. Submitting false personal details is absolutely forbidden and a criminal offense under the provisions of the Penalty Law - 1977 and/or any law.

Payment methods

  1. You can pay with a valid credit card using PayPal. The card number and the user will be required to enter details in the space provided.

  2. The products will be sent only after receiving approval from PayPal.


  1. Unless otherwise specified, delivery times are up to 30 working days, ie Sundays through Thursdays, excluding Fridays, Saturdays, and Holidays. However, Asfir will do its best to bring forward the delivery time.

  2. If factors and/or events outside the control of Asfir prevent the sale of products and/or services of any kind, in whole or in part, and in any way, and/or the delivery of products and/or provision of services published on dates determined, and/or faults will occur in the computer and/or telephone systems and/or any other communication completion of the acquisition process, one or the other, in its various forms, and/or because of hostile acts and/or any other of force majeure prevent and/or affect the process of acquiring products and/or services in any way, and/or if there are changes in tax rates and/or charges applicable to products and/or services from the date of publication of the product and/or service for sale and planned delivery date according to the terms of purchase and/or service, Asfir may cancel the purchase, in whole or in part, and cancel the obligation of performing the transaction.

  3. The various products will be delivered directly from Israel by EMS postal services or DHL/FedEx courier to the address the client provides in the purchasing process. Products to be delivered by EMS postal services or DHL/FedEx will be sent in accordance with the customary delivery time of EMS, DHL or FedEx and subject to the nature and terms of service accepted via EMS or DHL. It is hereby emphasized that the delivery times of products that are delivered through EMS postal services DHL can not be controlled by Asfir and the user declares that he will not have any argument against Asfir due to disruptions in supply.

Prices and Payments

  1. Surfer charge will be made via PayPal at the price as it appears next to the products ordered plus shipping and handling fees.

  2. Asfir may change product prices and shipping and handling fees periodically. The valid price is the price published on the site when you complete the reservation process.

  3. All prices appearing on the site exclude VAT unless otherwise stated.

  4. All import customs charges and taxes are paid by the recipient.

Canceling a transaction

The customer may cancel the purchase in accordance with the provisions of the Consumer Protection Law - 1981 (hereinafter: the "Law") Warranty

  1. The product warranty covers only the functional performance (technical problems) and does not include malfunctions caused by physical damage done to the product, misuse, breakage, storage, and improper maintenance or functional damage caused by physical damage.

  2. Under no circumstances will Asfir be liable for any direct, indirect, damages, penalties, damages, incidental, special or consequential damages, and/or any other damages of any kind, including, without limiting the foregoing, damages for loss of use, loss of data or lost profits, arising from or related in any way the use or performance of the site, for delays in the use or inability to use the Site, supplies or non-delivery of products or services, or any information, software, products, services and related graphics obtained through the site, and/or otherwise arising from the use of the site, whether based on an agreement between the tort, the absolute liability and/or any other cause.

  3. Asfir and/or anyone on its behalf shall not bear any responsibility for any unauthorized use, abuse, misuse, and/or fraudulent use made by any third party of the credit card user made use of for the performance of database operations.

  4. The services on this site are provided as-is. Surfer will have no claim and/or demand against Asfir and/or anyone on its behalf in respect of service features, capabilities, limitations or suitability to the needs and user requirements.

  5. There will be no warranty to the installation of the products, carried out by the user himself.

Additional Terms

  1. Surfer's personal details provided when purchasing, as well as future acquisitions details, will be stored in the database of Asfir. These details will not be passed to third parties. By law the surfer does not have to provide this information but in their absence, Asfir can not handle the order.

  2. Asfir will be allowed to e-mail the surfer, turn to him in writing or orally with any information regarding promotions.

  3. In any case, in which, because of "force majeure", Asfir will be unable to administer the site amiss or supply products or otherwise meet its obligation, it shall be entitled to cancel the contract with buyers, all or part of them. In this section, "force majeure" means - including computer failures, telephone system failures or other communication systems, any sabotage and security incident.

  4. Asfir reserves the right to close the site and \ or cancel the sale at its discretion if it discovers that illegal activities are being carried out on the site or damage of any kind is caused as a result of a technical problem on the site.

  5. The products are compatible with the law standards required in Israel.

It is the customer's responsibility to check the product's compatibility with the required law standards, if any, in the destination country.