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RECARO | Ergomed E SAB

Asfir's orthopedic seat helps the driver sit ergonomically, correctly, and healthily. Asfir has developed the possibility of adjusting a hydraulic or pneumatic damping mechanism to the orthopedic seat. The seats are installed by Asfir in private vehicles, vans, commercial vehicles, SUVs, and off-road vehicles. Using the "adapter" - an exclusive solution of Asfir, it is possible to install the seat in place of the original vehicle seat.

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RECARO | Ergomed E SAB
RECARO | Ergomed E SAB

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    Electric orthopedic seat with an airbag

    Comes with a seat adapter specifically for the relevant vehicle model, which enables a perfect, simple, and easy installation.

    • An orthopedic seat with an ergonomic structure, one of the best in the world.
    • Long seat base for knee support with the option of further extension.
    • Lateral support that gives perfect grip to the whole body.
    • Personal adjustment to the driver's body structure.
    • A very strong seat, manufactured from an H.D. steel shell with fine mechanical adjustment.
    • Molded and durable sponge.
    • Center for shock absorption and energy dissipation.
    • Adjustable headrest at different heights and angles.
    • Wheel for gradual adjustment and locking of the backrest at any angle.
    • Handle for tilting the backrest forward (for a 2-door vehicle).
    • Extra long sliding rails.
    • Option for unique electric models - adjustment according to specifications

    Neutralizing the airbag in the seat (if exists) is under the customer's responsibility only

    The included adapter is anchored in the vehicle's original existing mounting points, without the need to drill additional holes in the vehicle body. The adapters were developed for the first time by Asfir and are produced in the company's factory. A wide variety of adapters in Asfir allows the adjustment of the seat to any vehicle model and a simple transfer of the seat from one vehicle to another. With the adapter, the investment in the seat becomes a one-time and long-term one, since the same seat continues to accompany its owner as well after changing the vehicle.

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