Where To Start In Purchasing Plates

Any avid adventurer knows the potential damage that can occur to a rig’s undercarriage while off-roading across rough terrain. The bad news is, it doesn’t take a lot for a trip to be ruined due to this kind of harm when your rig isn’t protected. But the good news is, there are ways for you to protect your vehicle for the recreational lifestyle you want to live! Let’s get to some basics for skid plates and where to start in purchasing plates.

What are skid plates?

Skid plates are the panels bolted over various parts of a vehicle’s underbody. They are usually made of metal and can provide protection against contact with the ground or unexpected rocks/terrain. They protect important parts of your rig residing along the underside. This kind of added reinforcement is common and definitely recommended for off-roading vehicles. While the factory sometimes includes protection for your car, it’s often not intended to cover potential damage from off-road usage.

Toyota Land Cruiser Underbody Armor

Maximum Weight, Optimal Coverage, Minimum Weight.

What should be protected on my rig?

From the engine to front suspension, to the transfer box and fuel tank, there are various components that can be protected on your rig. But we usually offer two considerations when advising our customers:

  1. What damage can STOP you from driving or even PREVENT you from continuing on your journey (e.g. engine, transmission)
  2. What will be VERY expensive to fix (e.g. Radius arms)

It’s not always the same answer for both questions, but it’s important to note the difference between being proactive versus reactive when it comes to protecting the vehicle.

Any component that is vulnerable to external conditions can be in need of a skid plate. Skid plates are specially designed for key areas of your rig, and therefore, they range in size and cost. Let’s take a look at the examples of skid plates as you assess your needs (example from a Jeep):

  • Front & Rear Differential skid plate
  • Transfer Case skid plate
  • Engine & Transmission skid plate
  • Fuel Tank skid plate
  • Rear Battery Protector
  • Steering Rod Protector
  • Exhaust skid plate

Visit our full catalog of skid plates to find specific plates for your vehicle. If we were to list out all the options we offer, you might need to grab a cup of coffee and make yourself comfortable for a long read. Instead, head over to our skid plate page and plug in the make, model, and year of your car to find custom results that will fit your specific need. We offer packages ranging from 1-8 pieces that will give you the reinforcement you need at varying levels.

Asfir Manufacturer Based in Israel

Asfir Factory, Based in Israel.

Why ASFIR skid plates receive raving reviews

Our customers love many features of our skid plates. The ¼” aluminum offers sturdy coverage while not adding a ton of weight to your vehicle. Additionally, it’s a rust-free material. But beyond the quality product itself, we are proud to sell user-friendly products that allow easy installation and service openings. (No need to dismantle our skid plates if your vehicle is being serviced.) Customers quickly install their plates with no drilling hassle–we utilize bolts that fit with the existing structure of your vehicle. Protect your rig with ASFIR 4x4 skid plates and enjoy the peace of mind that allows all energy to be spent on enjoying your Overlanding.