Made for your driveway

Gearing up for your upgraded off-roading adventure, you’ve awaited this day. You’ve been waiting for the peace of mind that comes from a protected rig, waiting for the endless opportunities of the open road, and waiting for your next adventure.

When the skid plates get delivered, you’re only steps away from getting to the recreational part. And we have good news for you–all you need is your driveway.

@darren_explores's rig

@darren_explores's Rig. Nissan Xterra

Why ASFIR makes installation easy

With ASFIR skid plates and protective gear for your vehicle’s undercarriage, we keep you in mind throughout the process, from purchase to installation.

The purchase

We know you care about the life and longevity of your off-roading vehicle. You don’t want to settle for less, but you also don’t want to break the bank. Our affordable, durable, and trustworthy products have been making outdoor enthusiast customers happy for over 35 years now. So from the moment you purchase, your gear is in good hands. We like every customer to know our quality skid plates are crafted from ¼” aluminum and laser cut for detailed accuracy. And we like to ease your mind in the purchase process, so you can know our trusted brand has been leading the Israeli off-road accessories market for over 35 years with in-house engineering design and manufacturing.

Toyota Land Cruiser 200 Underbody Armor

Simple 'Bolt-On' Installation. 100% DIY

The installation

Now that you’ve made an intentional investment in your vehicle’s protection, it’s time to talk about installation. There are many reasons our customers regularly walk away satisfied with their ASFIR purchases, but here are a few of the key ones we like to highlight:

•Quick shipping, even internationally

We don’t like to keep our customers waiting. You can expect reasonable lead times with your online and in-stock orders. We know you have off-roading to get to. Why wait longer than necessary?

•Hardware included

The last thing you want to do is have to hunt down the nuts and bolts for your gear independently from your purchase. While we supply the needed tools for installation, you can always pick up extra bolts at your local hardware store. It keeps your purchase consolidated and provides efficiency in your installation process.

•No drilling, welding, or cutting needed

Most of our ASFIR customers prefer to DIY the installation! So we do the heavy lifting to make sure your product is install-ready. No need to drill extra holes, weld, or cut into the aluminum. It’s another way we look out for our customers.

•Sleek aesthetic

It’s not the most important, but it’s more of a perk–our gear just looks good. We are confident you’re going to love the aesthetic of your upgraded vehicle. It’s likely going to inspire new adventure and added trips to your recreational calendar.

This is why we do what we do–so you can enjoy more of the open road and less worry about your vehicle along the way.