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Asfir was founded 36 years ago in a small farmers' village right below Nazareth mountains and looking over Mt. Tabor in northern Israel.
ASFIR started as a small family business to become what it is today – a global off-road vehicle accessories manufacturer. After discharge from military service with the Israeli Special Forces, ASFIR founders decided to use the experience and knowledge they acquired during their service and apply it to a big love in life – off-roading and traveling in Israel.
This is how Asfir 4x4 came to be. Based on lifelong experience, knowledge, and deep understanding of the off-roading driving needs Asfir develops and models its products to be the best product needed – both functionally and economically. 
The integration of the expert departments at ASFIR: research & development, production, import & export, service, and sales creates a unique human mixture, which contributes to the company’s innovation and professionalism.
The company's plant is equipped with the latest machinery and advanced technology, including specially built dedicated machines, which enable the company's development team to design and produce a considerable variety of products. ASFIR leads the Israeli off-road accessories market for over 35 years with in-house engineering design and manufacturing.
Our skid-plates are made from 1/4" quality aluminum and laser cut for accuracy. We design our skids so that no drilling, welding, or cutting is required. Being a tailor-made mass-production company, we have the experience to manufacture top-quality products to fit your car perfectly.
We work under the close supervision of the Israeli Standard Institute & Ministry of Transportation and uphold the highest quality standard ISO 9001:2015.
We deliver our Israeli-made products all over the world directly from Israel via our online shop at asfir.com. Don't see your home country on our list? Contact us and we'll do our best to find a solution.

Asfir Factory Based in Israel

Asfir Factory, Based in Israel.