About Us

About Us

ASFIR specializes in accessorizing and improving vehicles Since 1986.
ASFIR, a diverse and unique company,
divides its operation into three main divisions:

 vehicles accessorizing division

Seating division

Lighting and Siren division

The integration of the expert departments at ASFIR :
research & development, production,
import & export, service and sales

creates a unique human mixture, which contributes 
to the company’s innovation and professionalism.
The company's plant, based in Israel northern part.
Is equipped with the latest machinery and the most
advanced technology, including specially built dedicated
machines, which enable the company's development
team to design and produce a considerable variety of products.
ASFIR provides a complete warranty
and repair service for all of its products.
The company's branches and its service
layout are dispersed throughout the country,
and provide the customer a professional,
swift and courteous service, at any given location.
ASFIR operates under the close supervision of the
Israeli Standard Institute & Ministry of Transportation,
and upholds the highest quality standard ISO 9001.
Asfir is known for its professionalism,
vast experience and long lasting service.
Asfir’s policy is to constantly develop and provide the
BEST possible service in order to maintain
full satisfaction for its customers.