Transfer Skid Plate

Transfer Skid Plate

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Transfer Skid Plate
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Transfer Skid Plate
Transfer Skid Plate
LEXUS GX 460 18 - 18
Petrol Engine Petrol Engine
Automatic Gear Automatic Gear

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 Make  Toyota
 Model 1  4Runner
 Model 2  FJ Cruiser
 Model 3  Land Cruiser
 Model 4  Tacoma
Model 5 Lexus

.ASFIR offers a wide variety of skid plates
*protecting the vehicle's underbody parts. 
*The Transfer skid plate is made from
*1/4 inch strong aluminum,
*and is bolted on to original holes.
*Service openings in the skid plate enable
*servicing the vehicle without dismantling
*the plate from the vehicle's chassis.

 •  Fits 2010-2021 Toyota 4Runner petrol | auto
 •  Fits 2010-2021 Toyota FJ Cruiser petrol | auto
 •  Fits 2010-20201 Toyota Land Cruiser 150 diesel/petrol (2018) | auto
 •  Fits 2010-2021 Toyota Land Cruiser 155 diesel/petrol (2018) | auto
 •  Fits 2010-2021 Toyota Tacoma petrol | auto

 •  Fits 2018 Lexus GX460 petrol | auto

 •  Made from 1/4" strong and lightweight aluminum

 •  Does not interfere with vehicle maintenance
 •  Uses existing chassis mounting locations
 •  Includes all mounting hardware
 •  No drilling required


This is nice to have! Now, a mounting instruction video available on YouTube

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  • Unless otherwise stated, products developed on a left hand drive vehicle
  • Product was designed and developed on a European standard vehicle and fits standard/stock vehicles only
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